The TL;DR:

We don’t:

  • Track you
  • Store any information about you
  • Share any information about you with third parties

We do:

  • Keep logs of connections to our servers, including IP addresses
  • Analyze our logs in aggregate
  • Use server logs, app logs, and crash reports to improve our products and our marketing
  • Use a cookie or two for technical (not tracking) purposes
  • Adhere to the law


Our servers generate log files that include the IP address used to access the server. We use these logs to understand what people do on our site and where they come from to improve our apps and services and to measure marketing success. We do not attempt to connect personal information to the IP addresses found in our logs.

We only use cookies for technical purposes, including to store your consent to use cookies for other purposes. You may grant or revoke permission to use cookies for other reasons below.

We do adhere to the requirements of the law. We have received no requests from law enforcement for information.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you want to report abuse, please contact us at

We are but a small business, but we seek to provide timely replies.


The Docfish app does not collect any information from its users. We do not store any personal information or data on our servers or any third-party servers. The app does not use any tracking mechanisms, cookies, or other analytics to collect any information about users.

The app provides an interface for browsing Apple's MDM developer documentation, and allows searching the documentation by profile name, key name, and description. All of the documentation is provided by Apple and is not modified by the app. Apple’s MDM documentation is available on GitHub and is copyrighted by Apple.

We do not share any information collected from our users with any third parties, except when required by law.

We take the privacy of our users seriously and we design our apps with your privacy in mind.

Beta Program

We use TestFlight for testing future versions of software. If you participate in the beta program, Apple provides your name and Apple ID through App Store Connect for the duration of your participation in the program.

Additionally, you may, at your discretion, provide feedback, screenshots, and other communications to Swanky Shark. We appreciate your feedback and comments, but also encourage you to be avoid including information that is sensitive or personally identifiable. Apple will process these submissions and deliver them to Swanky Shark.

As a participant in the Beta Program, you may remove yourself from the Beta Program at any time using the TestFlight app.

For our part, we may capture your comments and feedback (including images, screenshots, and so on that your provide) in our systems for purposes of improving our software, processes, marketing, services, and so on. By submitting your comments and feedback, you give Swanky Shark LLC permission to process and retain these submissions for a reasonable time.

Support Systems

Our support systems collect personally identifiable information about you in order to communicate with you. By using the support system, you consent to our collection, processing, and retention of your information for the purposes of providing support. Information you provide, including, but not limited to, text, screenshots, and video, may be used and retained  in our systems for purposes of improving our software, processes, marketing, services, and so on. 

As noted, we do not sell or share your information with third parties.

App Store

We make our software available on the Apple App Store. Apple handles distribution and payment processing, along with other related services. Apple also provides aggregate data about purchases, app opens, sales trends, and so on. These analytics are reported in aggregate and do not include personally identifiable information.


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