The best way to browse Apple’s device management documentation.

Docfish provides a nice, standard, cross-platform (Mac, iPad, and iPhone) way to view the MDM docs. Overall, it is much more enjoyable than using a web browser to view the repository directly.

Screenshot of the Docfish app on a device showing a summary of the supported OSes for a feature and a popover with additional details for each supported OS.

Supported operating systems

Screenshot of Docfish running on a Mac in light mode showing the App:Managed configuraiton declaration, it's summary, it's supported OSes, and it's payload keys.

Documentation from Apple’s device management GitHub repo

Screenshot of Docfish running on a Mac in dark mode showing details of a payload key with a subkey, it's summary and it's supported OSes.

Details on payload and response keys

Apple’s MDM developer documentation is published on GitHub, and is Copyright © 2022-2023 Apple Inc., under the MIT license.

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